Art with plastic from the ocean

Through cooperation with the SSPA i  received a batch of plastic that has been extracted from the ocean. SSPA works for innovative and sustainable maritime development so i am thrilled to receive the plastic that they cleaned out from the sea.  SSPA do lots of other interesting projects so have a look at their web page

The plastic from the ocean will now become part of my paintings.

I can´t wait to get started.


When did I become an artist?

A very central question to artists is”when do you feel you can call yourself an artist”. To some it is when you have your first exhibition or start selling art. To me the turning point and goal was when i felt i was an appreciated painter. I noticed that the combination of my career as a scientist and my creative expressions became an uniqe artistic voice.  When i started getting feedback from viewers i felt that i was really on to something -i had become an artist.

Appreciation comes in many forms, i really love to talk about my art with viewers especially at an exhibition but online is a good option as well. When people take the time to look at my painting and ask questions i feel i have reached my goal. Selling art is of course wonderful and creates a bond between me and the person who decides to take a painting home. It gives me opportunity to finance new painting material and travels to new places where i can exhibit my art. But the bottom line is always the viewers appreciation and reception of my message about the ocean.

My first exhibition was in 2015 and from then on i have relentlessly kept on painting and showing my art. This is what i want to do – to paint pictures and tell stories about the ocean