Metal leaf

I learned how to use metal leaf by a sculpturist who used in his work.

I started using the metal on canvas as a base layer before painting. First i paint the canvas with a colour of my choice,then a layer of glue, finally the metal leaf is applied.

Presently most of my paintings has some metal leaf either in them. I find the metal adds a luster and depth to the final piece and it is very rewarding to work with.


Spotted eagle ray. Metal leaf in silver on a deep edged canvans with acrylic painting, 50×50 cm (for sale)

 When you wish upon a star.  Acrylic on metalleaf in gold 30×30 cm (sold)
Three orcas at Lofoten. Acryl on metalleaf in silver 60×80 cm (for sale)
Happy Dolphins. Acrylic on oxidized gold metalleaf, 30×90 cm (for sale)

Octopus, acrylic on oxidized metalleaf in gold 50×50 cm (sold)