Art gallery of the ocean

Our planet is a blue planet: over seventy percent of it is covered by the sea. The Pacific Ocean alone covers half the globe. You can fly across it non-stop for twelve hours and still see nothing more than a speck of land. This series will reveal the complete natural history of our ocean planet, from its familiar shores to the mysteries of its deepest seas.

— David Attenborough

Many of us has watched the wonderful BBC series The Blue planet and awe of the diversity that is shown. 

I have had the fortune to work with ocean issues my entire career as a diving instructor and nature guide in Bahamas, Sweden and Norway, as a scientist worldwide through The International Council of the Sea.

In my art, all my experience love and impressions from the seas come to live and i like to share it with you here in my Art gallery of the ocean. There are several pages to browse through as i show various media i work in and various subjects for my motives.

All the creatures i love including, from big whales to seaturtles, octopuses, starfish, seaurchins down to driftin jellyfish and tiny plankton.  The inspiration is  inexhaustible for me …

Sea urchins and soft corals. Acrylic on variegated gold metal. 30x 30 cm, for sale
Two drifters off to see the world. Acrylic on canvas, sold
I see stars. Acrylic on goldmetal. Deep edged canvas. 30×30 cm
Jewels in the ocean, acrylic on canvas 90×40 cm, for sale
Starfish on variegated gold, deepedged canvas, 20×20, for sale
Octopus on variegated gold, 20×20 cm, on normal canvas, for sale
Small but strong. Acrylic on normal canvas 20×20 cm, for sale
Bläckfisk. Akryl på slagmetall i guld 50×50 cm (såld)