Art from the Ocean  

Majestic views above and below the surface

Exciting creatures both naughty and nice yet all with an intrinsic beauty.


Scientist, marinebiologist and professional diver since 30 years.

My biological work is mainly about the Baltic Sea but i have worked and traveled all over the world. 

My artistry is about real and imaginary creatures and people in the marine environment. 

Come with me and see the wonders of the ocean. Perhaps my art will pique your curiosity about the secrets of the sea.


Yvonne Walther

Picture of the month 

Happy dolphins

Acrylic on variegated strokemetal  

90x40 cm

The short beaked common dolphin (Delphinus deplhi) is distinctely coloured with black back and white belly and a splash of yellow on the side. Probably the most abundant dolphin in the world and populates most part of our ocean except for the polar regions. 

They live in pods that can contain hundreds of dolphins and travel mostly in deep water but feed close to the shore. High energetic and funloving the often jump out of the water and make summersaults.

Unfortunately the common dolphin and other dolphins are being killed by entaglement in commercial fishing gear and also suffer from their prey being overfished. Large efforts has been made to develop dolphin safe fishing gears.



Upcoming and recent. I hope to see you there


Ambient Ocean

Omgivande hav

 Beauty and challenges in the ocean





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