Art from the Ocean  

Majestic views above and below the surface

Exciting creatures both naughty and nice yet all with an intrinsic beauty.


Scientist, marinebiologist and professional diver since 30 years.

My biological work is mainly about the Baltic Sea but i have worked and traveled all over the world. 

My artistry is about real and imaginary creatures and people in the marine environment. 

Come with me and see the wonders of the ocean. Perhaps my art will pique your curiosity about the secrets of the sea.


Yvonne Walther

Three hearts,acrylic on canvas with metal leaf, 40x40, for sale

Picture of the month


Three hearts

Acrylic on canvas with metal leaf

 Octopuses are smart and funny creatures. I love watching them while diving. They actually have three hearts to pump their blood as well as 9 brains, a central brain and small sensoric brains in each arm. So the myth of a multitasking octopus is not because it has 8 arms but because each arm has a brain and each arm can focus on different things.  


Upcoming and recent. I hope to see you there


Gallerinatten i Malmö

28 september 

Vandra i ett höstmörkt men magiskt Malmö.

Det lyser i gallerierna och de har öppet till midnatt.

Ladda dina sinnen med konst och färger. Kom och besök mig hos anrika Galleri Engleson. 

Hoppas vi ses!

Trelleborgs bibliotek

November 2019

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The Arts Dot

International Art exhibition

Work in progress for 2020

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